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GSubEdit, or GNOME Subtitle Editor, is a tool for editing and converting DivX ;-) subtitles. It currently features read/write of SubRip (.srt) and MicroDVD (.sub) subtitles. Framerate conversion and frame displacement (Increase/decrease all frames by a given offset) is also supported. See features for details.

Remember though, that this program is under development and could totally ruin your subtitles. So a backup is strongly encouraged!


May 17,2007
GSubEdit has been dead for a long time now and I will not update it anymore. There has been some attempts by others to port it to GTK2 and take it over but nothing successful so far.
I will leave this page up for historical reasons, and the source code is available in CVS if anyone is interested in picking it up (or using it for whatever purpose allowed under the GPL)

For users who just want a subtitle editor for Linux/GNOME, I suggest you take a look at the Gnome Subtitles project.

Okt 10
I should probably tell you that I've begun porting GSubEdit to GNOME 2 now. (About time now.. ) It will almost be a complete rewrite of the code so it's far from finished. There's also a lot to learn about the new API, but I hope that a preview will be out in a not so distant future.

Jun 05
Finaly GSubEdit 0.4 preview 1 is out to the public. This is not a huge upgrade, but some nice features have been added, including spellchecker (experimental) and "Join file" action. Download at the usual place.

May 31
Although it might seem so, GSubEdit is not dead! I just haven't had the time to code on it but I think that there will be a new release within a week or so. In spite of what I said about GNOME 2.0 version, this is still intended for GNOME 1.x!
There are some updates in the CVS including spellcheck support and Join file action. I will also need update translations, see below for details and a template.

Mar 19
Created a mailinglist for GSubEdit. It's intended for bugreports, suggestions and support. Subscribing to the list can be done here.
All anouncements regarding new versions will of course be sent to the list

Old news


Version 0.4 will soon be released and here is a template for the translation. Currently, I have romanian, russian, Czech and Swedish already but more languages would be great!

If it doesn't make the releasedate it will be put here on the webpage for separate download!
The file: gsubedit.pot.

Version 0.3 translations

This is the translations available for version 0.3.
To use them you'll have to copy them to the po/ directory (in the source dir) and add the language code to the configure file. (Search for the line 'ALL_LINGUAS="sv"' and add the two char language code after 'sv')
Now simply run 'configure && make install' and the language will be available

Romanian Russian Czech


GSubEdit is created and maintained by Isak Savo <iso01001 at>
Feel free to contact me regarding suggestions, bugs, improvements etc.
There is also a mailinglist (gsubedit-users at To subscribe to the list, follow these instructions.

This program is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty.

This webpage is Copyrighted © 2002 to Isak Savo